Uranium Prices: China Confirms Rapid Nuclear Power Expansion Underway

  May 1, 2017   in Industry News

While the short-term demand outlook for uranium remains pressured after the Fukushima nuclear disaster dented demand for nuclear power, China is moving ahead, as promised with a huge nuclear power expansion. Last Thursday, the China Nuclear Energy Association said that the country had 20 nuclear reactors under construction at the end of March, with a […]

“Uranium ETF is Getting Radioactive Again” – ETF Trends

  Apr 26, 2017   in Industry News

Read about the struggling price or Uranium and the what scientists are calling the critical value for URA. Adding to the recent pressure on URA is that uranium prices continue tumbling. As is the case with other mining equities stocks and ETFs, rare are the occasions when these investments rise while the material they mine […]

Why Uranium is THE Strategic Metal to Buy – ARKETSLANT

  Apr 21, 2017   in Industry News

Globally the world is starting to see more reactors coming online. The Nuclear Energy Institute notes that there are 60 nuclear units under construction right now, in over a dozen countries around the world. Most of these projects are slated to begin operations by 2025. The NEI also reported that over 160 more are now […]

“US uranium producers want halt on federal transfers” – World Nuclear News

  Apr 17, 2017   in Industry News

Read about why the UPA (Uranium Producers of America) called on the US Department of Energy to halt the transfer of Federal uranium into the spot market in an effort to suppress the spot price of Uranium. While we see growth in the long term, the uranium market is oversupplied in the short term, and the DOE […]

“Nuclear power is set to get a lot safer (and cheaper) – here’s why” – Independent

  Apr 12, 2017   in Industry News

Read more why it is believed that new technologies will make disasters such as Chernobyl and Fukushima the last nuclear power meltdowns to ever occur. Nuclear reactors may be cheaper and more efficient, but they are featuring new safety systems to prevent future human error Click here to read more.

“President Trump’s Energy Independence Policy” – The White House

  Mar 28, 2017   in Industry News

Investigate how President Trump’s Energy Independence Policy Executive Order alters the previous  Clean Power Plan and will affect the future of the source of America’s power supply. FREEING AMERICA’S POTENTIAL: President Trump has worked tirelessly to free American industry and ingenuity from the constraints of Government overreach. Click here to read more.

Eight nuclear reactors to be built this year – Business – Chinadaily.com.cn

  Feb 23, 2017   in Industry News, Media Coverage

China plans to beef up its nuclear power sector in 2017, kicking off construction of eight reactors this year with installed capacity totaling 9.9 gigawatts, the National Energy Administration said.Building nuclear power stations requires at least 10 years of preparatory work, including the eight units, which are about to kick off construction soon,” Han said. […]

“David Cates: Welcome to The Uranium Supercycle” – Palisade Research

  Feb 22, 2017   in Industry News

Listen to an industry regular, David Cates, discuss with Collin Kettel his opinions of the Uranium market, his speculations about Uranium prices, and the potential future of the market. David feels that uranium has made a real move toward rationality, although he warns it still has a long way to go. There is now real […]

Ted O’Connor Interview with 121 Mining Investment in Cape Town 2017

  Feb 10, 2017   in Industry News, Media Coverage

CEO Ted O’Connor discusses key upcoming milestones, and the Lithium resource and how it will add value to the great Uranium story PLU already has.

Ted O’Connor Interview with Investing News Network

  Feb 2, 2017   in Industry News, Media Coverage

Plateau Uranium Inc. (TSXV:PLU), formerly Macusani Yellowcake Inc. (TSXV:YEL,FWB:QG1), has successfully consolidated all known uranium resources defined on the Macusani Plateau in Puno, Peru, solidifying a dominant position in one of the largest undeveloped uranium districts in the world with additional lithium potential.